Review: The 5 Best Tracks from SZA’s “Ctrl”

"Debuting at No. 3 on the Billboard 200, “Ctrl” features extremely chill vibes, explores romantic themes, and experiments within the R&B genre."


Opinion: 3 Things Missing from “Wonder Woman”

Having seen the film twice already, it's no question that I am a big fan who thinks "Wonder Woman" is great, so a biased review is most likely what's expected of me. Instead I am going to write about three classic elements from Wonder Woman's last live-action outing, her incredibly campy television series from the 70s starring Lynda Carter, that were absent from the film but could have been easily included for better or for worse...

Review: Alvvays’ “In Undertow”

Three years after the release of their self-titled debut, Canadian band Alvvays finally released the lead single, which is indie pop perfection, for their upcoming sophomore album "Antisocialites" on Tuesday...

On the Queue: Introduction

Welcome to the obligatory introduction post where I welcome you, the reader, to my blog and explain to you exactly what this is supposed to be and why I'm making it...

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