On the Queue: Introduction

Welcome to the obligatory introduction post where I welcome you, the reader, to my blog and explain to you exactly what this is supposed to be and why I’m making it.

With this blog, I will be attempting to write reviews on different movies, music, television shows, books, and any other medium of entertainment that I can come up with. I aim to merely share my thoughts on these various works and share what I like or dislike about each one. Basically, this blog is for me and anyone else who is interested in my opinions, and I’m not expecting very many since I’m just a broke college student with almost no journalistic experience, sitting in bed sharing my opinions in the middle of the night.

I have always had a love for pop culture and entertainment. If I’m not writing posts for this blog, I’m most likely surfing the internet looking for updates on upcoming films and albums that I have an interest in. I guess the reason why I made this blog is because after reading so many reviews of movies and TV shows from professional critics, I just have this desire to be able to share my own thoughts on these subjects in a similar matter. In short, I’m just a guy who is passionate about music, film, and literature, and this blog is simply a way for me to join in on the discussion.

On a somewhat related note I decided to name my blog “On The Queue” pretty much because I’ll be writing about stuff that I would encourage readers to put on their queue, or list of things that they need to go and check out. It may be cliche for a title, but I’ve become quite fond of it.

Thanks for reading the first of many posts on this blog. Hope that you enjoyed, and that you decide to stick around because from here the posts get more fun! 

– Drew Pearce


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